Ch. 1  America, Awake! Before It's Too Late
Ch. 2  Rescuing America from the Plutocrats
Ch. 3  A People's Historical Perspective
Ch. 4  A Second Pearl Harbor?
Chl 5  Blowback: Why 9/11Happened
Ch. 6  Daring to Think the Unthinkable About 9/11
Ch. 7  Police State USA?

What's Wrong: Political-Economic

Ch. 8  US/British Oil Imperialism
Ch. 9  Military Dictatorship USA?
Ch. 10  Global Economic Exploitation
Ch. 11  The Criminal "High Cabal"
Ch. 12  The World Dominance Plot
Ch. 13  War Crimes and War Profiteering
Ch. 14  The Wall Street Scam

What's Wrong: Social

Ch. 15  The Destruction of American Education
Ch. 16  A Supine Press Fosters an Uninformed Citizenry
Ch. 17  Why You're Not Getting the News
Ch. 18  The Social Security Piratization Hoax
Ch. 19  Egomania: the Invisible Pandemic
Ch. 20  Profiling and Personality Simulation
Chl 21  Brainwashing America

What We Can Do To Awaken Our Country

Ch. 22  Freedom and the Internet
Ch. 23  Wilhelm Reich: Listen, Little Man!
Ch. 24  If You're So Rich, Why Aren't You Wise?
Ch. 25  Building a Unified Activist Citizen Taskforce
Ch. 26  Completing the American Revolution

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