Norman D. Livergood

     The most fundamental illustration of the two worlds--the world of truth and the world of ignorance--is now seen daily as politicians such as John Kerry, Howard Dean, and other leaders of the Democratic party abjectly accept the THEFT of the 2004 election without raising any voice of protest. The world of ignorance now includes all those who deliberately turn a blind eye to the fact that Republican reactionaries (led by Karl Rove's Nazis) STOLE the 2004 election and have put in place a mechanism to steal all future elections.

The world of delusion and ignorance includes all those who voted for Bush in 2004. No one with any sense of decency and reason could see this tyrant as anything other than what he is: a gangster who is destroying our American culture for the personal gain of himself and those who support him.

     The war between the World of Truth and the World of Delusion was also eloquently illustrated by what occurred on February 15, 2003.

On every continent of the globe, in over 60 countries and 300 cities, 10 to 15 million people protested against George W. Bush's imperialist war for oil.


The largest anti-war protest in the world's history was making it clear that the PEOPLE of the world are beginning to see the truth of what is happening around the globe, not what the politicians and the media tell them is happening

Protestors in Hungary

On American TV news programs, the protests were relegated to the rolling text at the bottom of the screen, while these important news stories were highlighted:

Michael's nose Priscilla's hubby
  Michael's nose       Priscilla's hubby


Celebrity fluff was perpetrated by media sources owned and manipulated by rabid right supporters of Bush's imperialistic incursions into Iraq to seize the oil and reconfigure the Middle East

In his February 18, 2003, New York Times editorial, "Behind the Great Divide," Paul Krugman pointed out the same disparity between the two worlds:

"What would someone watching cable news have seen? On Saturday [2/15/03], news anchors on Fox described the demonstrators in New York as 'the usual protesters' or 'serial protesters.' CNN wasn't quite so dismissive, but on Sunday morning the headline on the network's Web site read 'Antiwar rallies delight Iraq,' and the accompanying picture showed marchers in Baghdad, not London or New York."

The World of Truth

What I mean by the "World of Truth" and the "World of Delusion" is fairly simple. There is a species of people found in all nations who are honestly trying to understand what is going on in the world. They don't always succeed, and they have different capabilities of grasping what they hear and read. So their awareness of what's really happening in the world at any given time is at a level relative to their ability to comprehend a complex picture. The essential characteristic of these people in what I'm calling the "World of Truth" is that they have a genuine desire to face up to what's happening to themselves and to the world around them.

I'm suggesting that many people within the worldwide progressive movement are honestly trying to understand what's happening in the world and are responding in ways which seem legitimate to them. I have several reasons for saying that people in the international populist alliance are genuinely trying to understand political, economic, and social events. First is my experience of receiving numerous email messages from such people, demonstrating that they are gaining increased knowledge and are waking up to what's happening around the world. And my reading of the articles and comments by and about the world progressive movement convinces me that these people are a part of the World of the Truth--persons genuinely seeking to understand the world about them.

     We can also identify a newly forming Internet sub-culture which is a part of this World of Truth: persons who have discovered that a dedicated group of Web news and analysis sites provide a source of information about world happenings that is superior to most of the mainstream media. A part of this sub-culture is made up of the alternative publishing companies and the radical, uncensored books they produce that help people become aware of the social-political-economic realities. Again, my experience of receiving feedback from members of this sub-culture prove to me that it is a powerful, expanding force for world betterment.

The World of Delusion

There is an opposite group which has an equally strong desire to accept whatever they're told by their social, religious, and political leaders. They do not want to find out on their own what's happening; they feel secure in what they're told by the people they recognize as authorities. I am designating these people as operating within the "World of Delusion."

The leaders within the "World of Delusion" are very happy with the attitude of their subjects, because they want unthinking, obedient underlings who take orders and don't ask questions.

I know the "World of Delusion" exists because I see it everywhere on TV--especially "news" shows--, I read articles by and about persons in this universe of deception, and I receive a few (very few, fortunately) emails from denizens of this netherworld.

The "World of Delusion" is made up of people who want to ignore, subvert, or cover up the truth.

The Truth

Cover Up or Subversion of the Truth

The American system is based on fair elections to select federal and state officials. Citizens must be allowed to vote without interference and their votes must be counted in a fair and legal manner.

The 2004 election was STOLEN by Karl Rove's Republican Nazis. The George W. Bush junta, with the complicity of Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris in Florida and five conflict-of-interest Supreme Court justices, perpetrated a coup d'etat, seizing the American presidency

The American people deserve to know the truth about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon

The Bush administration has done everything possible to make sure that the truth about this atrocity is hidden or covered up, and the "official" investigation was a blatant cover-up.

A war against Iraq cannot be justified in terms of national security or the economic interests of the people

The Bush administration's war against Iraq is for the purpose of Bush's corporate backers to seize Iraq oil, to reconfigure the Middle East (possibly to relocate the Palestinians), and to force other nations to use the U.S. dollar (instead of the Euro) as the world standard for trade

The American government should be accountable to the people

The Bush administration refuses to provide information about Vice President Cheney's meetings with corporate officials in setting national energy policies which resulted in Texas-based energy corporations criminally overcharging California customers

The American government should be accountable to the people

The Bush administration has placed George Bush I's presidential papers and Dubya's official papers as Texas governor out of the reach of reporters and researchers

The American system is based on fair and impartial administration of constitutional standards of justice

The Bush administration has unconstitutionally acted to imprison American citizens and foreign nationals without benefit of due process or counsel, without informing anyone as to where they are incarcerated or why

The American system allows for and encourages dissent on the part of citizens

The Bush administration has declared that dissent is treasonous

The American system requires that the federal government act in ways to provide for the welfare of its citizens

The Bush administration has allowed corporate executives to steal investment and retirement funds from the people; criminals such as Ken Lay, a crony of the Bush family, has never even been indicted

The Worlds in Conflict

The conflict between the World of Truth and the World of Delusion occurs within several different dimensions:

"Imagine if you can a world in which truth is one general and something we will call blindness is the opposing general. These two simple factors one must choose between. There are no neutrals. We are frankly for or against and hold our positions by the force of the effort we put forth. The great struggle is not only to conquer our opposing forces, but to reclaim and form them into fighters for the truth. It is more of a game than the mere overcoming, for we are after the plunder of human souls to salvage."

Stewart Edward White

Activity in the World of Truth

The people engaged in gaining an understanding of what's happening in the world and improving conditions for common people, have a great number of critical tasks ahead of us, one of the first of which is the need to identify:
A number of ill-informed writers have recently taken it upon themselves to define the participants in the worldwide anti-war movement in a completely false light. Their purpose, of course, is to put the anti-war protests on a calamitous course, to "purge the anti-war movement of its left-wing elements and render it politically harmless." Four recent articles have tried to define the worldwide anti-war movement as a foolish, misguided debacle.
Essentially, each of these articles claims that anti-war protestors are a bunch of idiots who are being duped by communists and con artists. The first three articles, written by phony liberals, have been brilliantly dissected by the World Socialist Web Site, so I won't rehash those ideas except to say that everyone in the progressive movement must be aware that based on his past performance, anything David Corn has to say--especially when he's pretending to be a radical or a liberal--is highly suspect and should be ignored or taken with a large grain of salt.

The fourth article is by a John Birch advocate. According to him, all protest movements are part of the global or cosmic communist conspiracy.

"A month or more ago, we discussed a little book by former Czechoslovakian Communist leader, Jan Kozak. The book was titled: 'And Not A Shot Is Fired.' It details the manner in which a free country can be subverted through the use of 'pressure from above and pressure from below.' "The pressure from below is brought about by organized mob action in the streets to ostensibly oppose some governmental procedure or policy. The action in the streets is made to appear much more pervasive than it really is by a controlled news media in order to convince the general populace that it is a 'majority' campaign- even though it is being carried out by a very small number of highly trained agitators. These agitators are able to manipulate large numbers of innocent idealists, whom Lenin called 'useful idiots,' to achieve their aims.

"Under this pressure from below, other activists who have been implanted in high government positions 'capitulate' and pass into law programs which they had wanted to do all along. This is the pressure from above."

     The difficulty with this Birchite depiction of the worldwide progressive movement is that there is no "pressure from above." The Democrats in Congress are no longer an "opposition party" and have caved in to everything the fascist Bush junta wants. Also, if the anti-war and anti-globalism protests were a part of the international subversive plot, there would be more TV and print media coverage.

     Such articles as these five are helpful in reminding us that protests, rallies, and progressive initiatives of all sorts can be subverted by agents provocateur.

     This seems to be what happened in Athens on February 15, 2003 during a rally against a U.S.-led war on Iraq. Dozens of hooded protestors splintered from a main body of up to 50,000 demonstrators gathered in the Greek capital for what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. The anarchist group smashed windows and burned a parked car. Greek riot police fired tear gas at the demonstrators in general.

"There are three forms of culture: worldly culture, the mere acquisition of information; religious culture, following rules; elite culture, self-development."

Hujwiri, Revelation of the Veiled

     We must face the reality that the forces of Delusion have already conquered a number of war zones.

  1. The mainstream media have been purchased by rabid right reactionaries who do everything possible to support Dubya's fascist policies.
    • We cannot expect the conventional media to give much if any air time or print space to our activities and enterprises

    • It is fruitless to email or fax the mainstream media to demand that they publicize our efforts or give a fair and accurate picture of our point of view in their news programs

    • For a brief time, we saw a few "liberal thinkers" on shows like Donahue at irregular intervals, but MSNBC on 2/25/03 dumped the Donahue show entirely

    • Fortunately, there are a few truly progressive reporters who continue to place articles within the mainstream media:
        Greg Palast
      • Greg Palast
      • Paul Krugman
      • Robert Scheer
      • Molly Ivins
      • William Greider
      • John Nichols
      • Seymour Hersh
      • Robert McChesney
      • Bill Moyers and his PBS Now exposés
      • Maureen Dowd

  2. The Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of the federal government have been taken over by the same cabal of reactionary fascists

  3. The intelligence and police agencies have been taken over by the same "High Cabal"

     The forces for Truth must recognize that when awakening people to what's really happening in the world, we're not speaking to those in the "World of Delusion"--they have no interest in or capability of understanding the truth.

      Our audience is THE PEOPLE of the world who are waking up to what's occurring--beyond and in contradiction to what they're being told on TV and in their newspapers.

     We must expose what the Forces of Delusion are doing--in the starkest terms possible, bringing the truth into the light.

     During his presidency, Bush I was badly stung by his coverup of such war crimes as Iran-Contra and the arrest of his personal agent, Noriega. During the 1989 American invasion of Panama reporters were blocked from witnessing the slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians in Panama City. Bush I held a White House news conference to boast about the dramatic assault on Panama's head honcho, Gen. Manuel Noriega.

      Boastfully wisecracking with reporters, Bush wasn't aware when two major networks shifted coverage to the arrival of American soldiers killed in Panama at the Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. Millions of viewers watched as the network television screens were split: Bush bantering with the press while flag-draped coffers were carried off Air Force planes by honor guards. Dover was the military mortuary for troops killed while serving abroad. On Bush’s orders, the Pentagon banned future news coverage of honor guard ceremonies for the dead.

     The list of atrocities that the current Bush junta has perpetrated is long and nauseating--and grows daily. We can take hope from the fact that the people of the world have begun to see through Dubya's imperialist war on Iraq.

     We cannot take much comfort in the fact that France, Germany, Belgium, and China are opposing Bush's imperialist Iraq War II. The motives of these countries in speaking out against Dubya's war reside in their desire to share in the spoils of war oil, the effort to perpetuate the use of the Euro as a petro-currency, and in general a struggle against a cocky, self-glorifying man they see (quite correctly) as an idiot.

     We must encourage the PEOPLE of the world to branch out from their protest against war to speaking and acting against:
One of our best tactics against the "World of Delusion" is the use of humor and satire. Exposing the ridiculous antics of the Bush junta helps people become aware of the increasing number of outrages they are perpetrating. Humor often gets through to people when even straight facts have difficulty penetrating the wall of bias and hatred.

In many instances we need to expose the fake "polls" which are run by Bush's corporate media buddies or "freeped" by his rabid right supporters at Free Republic Network. Freeping is the term used to describe the Free Republic neanderthals flooding an online poll with their "informed opinion," changing the outcome of the poll one hundred and eighty degrees.

One of the encouraging signs of our present struggle is that people worldwide are making the distinction between being anti-Bush and anti-American. At the February, 2003 Berlin Film Festival, American film directors and actors expressed their disagreement with Bush's push for war with Iraq. They all made the point that they were anti-Bush, not anti-American and the distinction was a welcome point for Germans who oppose Bush, not Americans.

As large numbers of progressives worldwide join in our efforts to make the truth known to the people, we must work with International agencies which are not controlled by the U.S. government, such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) which will try persons for international war crimes and the International Court of Justice which is currently adjudicating a case brought by Iran accusing the United States of delivering dangerous chemicals and deadly viruses to Baghdad during the eighties. When Reason and Truth regain their force in the world, we may see some unusual criminals in the docks.

The "war" between the "World of Truth" and the "World of Delusion" is only caused by the forces of delusion wanting to destroy the people and values of the World of Truth. Our efforts for Truth must be to see that people of all ideologies, races, nationalities, and creeds receive the equal benefit of constitutional freedoms.

The "World of Truth" is composed of people who have awakened to what is happening on this planet and want to change the world for the better. They are not necessarily limited to "workers;" they come from all walks of life. They do not see themselves involved in a Marxist "class struggle" but a battle of those seeking to understand the world and those who close their minds to what is happening. They are seekers of the Truth who celebrate their awareness of what's going on in the world and work for a better life for all people.

"Real ability is to respect relative truth without damaging oneself by refusing to realize that it will be superseded. When you observe that today's controversies often reveal not relevance but the clash of the untaught with the wrongly taught, and when you can endure this knowledge without cynicism, as a lover of humankind, greater compensations will be open to you than a sense of your own importance or satisfaction in thinking about the unreliability of others."

Idries Shah, A Perfumed Scorpion


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