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  • "I already know that" : the phrase we use when we don't understand something we pretend we understand but don't have enough understanding to admit it (if you understand what I mean)

  • Freedom : living in (not necessarily having a job in) a society with rampant lawlessness on the streets, in courtrooms, in corporate offices, in polling precincts, in houses of worship, and in case you haven't heard there's a lot of opinionlessness going around

  • Extra-dimensional goat--any of the species who can:
    • dance on their hind legs by themselves
    • butt, in a somewhat gentle way, and only when appropriate such as butting a person who treats goats as stupid creatures

  • Reality : non-repeating self-disclosure of God, or
    just one dag-nabbed persnickity thing after another

  • Higher Truth : Truth that is subversive (in a metaphysical sense)
                          higher than
                    is different from ^
          in that it challenges ^             the ordinary conception of reality

        • Power Words : words whose meanings and ramifications expand the mind of the reader forcing their way past weak attention and strong dogma barriers producing a pre-determined effect on the reader (such as indignation or Higher Understanding)

        • Advanced Teacher :
          "You can only receive a ^    truth if you are capable of allowing
          a current truth to be replaced with a new ^        truth."

        • Advanced Student : A student who understands the exact syntax of the above sentence from just hearing the teacher's statement

        This Web site encourages the practice of Safe-Thinking. We run everything we write through the New Improved Non-Orthodoxy-Checker, which discovers political incorrectness, non-matching colors, and flashes of genius.

        For sale cheap : a genuine ventriloquist cat that speaks without moving its lips

        Hear this cat say: "Help, I'm not really a cat!"

        (Owner must admit that this cat has been diagnosed as having delusions of grandeur, in that it sometimes lionizes itself.)

        At this time there will be a short discontinuation of ordinary reality, to be followed by a continuation at a higher order of reality.

               The blackbirds were flying over Tom's garden casting shadows on the area he'd designated as "sacred," so he got out his revolver, went out to the garden, and revolved.

        Ordinary Consciousness Anonymous
        13 Step Program

        "Hi, my name is Bill. I've been off Ordinary Consciousness for sixteen months and three seconds. For a while it was one day at a time with me. My friends asked me, 'Do you still wish you could have a few moments of ordinary consciousness?' And of course the answer is yes, I do. But I know if I went back even for a second I'd be lost."

          "Hi, my name is Betty Sue. Three weeks and seven seconds since I had my last taste of ordinary consciousness. But this higher consciousness is much more satisfying and I know from what many of you've told me that I can soon achieve a state of permanent higher consciousness where I'll no longer have the slightest desire for ordinary consciousness."

        Nothing in this document should be be seen as in any way inimical to the normal way of life. We do not recommend that a person follow any particular way of life, including the most boring, mindless, thrill-obsessed, subservient mere survival mode, now mistakenly believed by some to be "the normal way of life."

        To the right is the masked man who rode off with his faithful Indian companion, shouting, "Hi Ho Silver!"

        To the left is the "singing cowboy" who made "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" world famous.

        Gene Autry

        The Lone Ranger
        Trigger the horse was ridden by Roy Rogers the cowboy in every one of Roy's motion pictures. After Trigger died at age 33, his hide was stretched over a plaster likeness and put on display, also reared on two legs, inside the museum (Victorville, California). Trigger is mounted, then, not stuffed. Remember this when you speak to museum personnel, who will loudly correct you if you get it wrong.

             If you feel you are ready for a test
        of your Higher Intelligents, press

        If you are receiving Stupendous Enlightenment from this Transformative Presentation, you can send a GOOD-WILL OFFERING of $1,000 or more (nothing less) to the author.

        Those sending such a GOOD-WILL OFFERING will be eligible for future Transformative Presentations (and no one else).

        Please do not send more than $1 million dollars at a time.

        Higher Reality doesn't speak to strangers.