Table of Contents


Ch. 1. Portals to Higher Consciousness
Ch. 2. Expanding Human Consciousness
Ch. 3. Hypnotic Trance in Spiritual Development
Ch. 4. Evoking Higher Spiritual Powers
Ch. 5. The New Language of Spiritual Inspiration
Ch. 6. The Process of Human Evolution
Ch. 7. The Triumph of Civilization
Ch. 8. Psychic and Spiritual Alchemy
Ch. 9. Helen Keller as Mystic
Ch. 10. Esoteric Christianity
Ch. 11. William Blake as Mystic
Ch. 12. Evolution's Next Step
Ch. 13. Emily Dickinson as Mystic
Ch. 14. The Higher Mysteries
Ch. 15. Vanquishing Ignorance
Ch. 16. Discovering the Spiritual Domain
Ch. 17. Disclosure of High Knowledge through Perennialist Art
Ch. 18. Plato's Contemporary Relevance
Ch. 19. Developing Social and Spiritual Awareness
Ch. 20. Communing With Kindred Souls
Ch. 21. Rediscovering and Preserving Human Wealth
Ch. 22. Activity in the Spiritual World
Ch. 23. Magic, Science, Religion, and Spirituality
Ch. 24. Brain, Mind, and Altered States of Consciousness
Ch. 25. The Essence of Hypnotic Trance Induction
Ch. 26. The Higher Trance State
Ch. 27. A Meditation on Love: the Greater Mystery
Ch. 28. Transformative Contemplation
Ch. 29. Plotinus's Practical Mysticism
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