Online Workshop
Progressive Awareness

Dr. Norman D. Livergood

One Day Online, Real-Time Workshop
Saturdays (reservations are required)

Online Workshop fee: $295
(includes access to updated online multimedia textbooks listed below)


Chapter 1: The Necessity of Progressive Awareness
Chapter 2: What Progressive Awareness Is
Chapter 3: Advancing Human Evolution  
Chapter 4: Self-Knowledge and Self-Transformation
Chapter 5: Communication and Language
Chapter 6: Progressive Learning
Chapter 7: Creative Problem-Solving
Chapter 8: Intelligent Argumentation
Chapter 9: Alternatives to Progressive Awareness
Chapter 10: Social Intelligence
Chapter 11: Developing Critical Consciousness
Ancillary Essays




The Hidden Secret of Modern Guruhood   

The Mystique of the Initial Encounter

Fool-Proof Fishing for Followers

The Modern Guru's Spiritual Repertoire

The Modern Guru's Mien

Setting Up Your Own Teaching Centrum

The Protestant Ethic: The Guru's Friend

The Guru and the Social Scene

The Arcane Cosmotheism of Levels

Co-opting Techniques to Your Teaching

A School for Gurus

The Resurrection of Sigmund Freud

The Sky Is Falling Down

Disciple Illusions/Delusions

Your Own Bag of Tricks

The Guru and Religion

Never Doubt Your Messianic Complex

A School For Disciples

The Phantastic Phantasia of Phases

Why Become a Modern Guru?

Making it Big As a Guru

The Modern Guru as Wilderness Prophet

Dismissal: The Guru's Ultimate Weapon

Wherein the Author Reveals Something of His Own Sublime Teacher

The Revolution of Oz


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