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Bush's Plan to Loot
Social Security

Unified Activist Citizen Taskforce

Breaking News
German Protesters Call Bush "No. 1 Terrorist"

Tell your Congressional representatitves not to vote for Social Security looting

Demand Election Reform

Stop Pharmaceutical Vultures from Drugging Our Children

Tell Tom DeLay to Step Down as House Majority Leader

Support Senator Barbara Boxer's PAC For a Change

Commend and Support Representative Conyers

See the story HERE

Stop Dubya's $2 Trillion Social Security Piratization

Force Congress to Create a Paper Trail for E-Voting

Strategic Consumer Boycott

Media: exposť of right-wing, reactionary bias

Information for American Citizens The Fair and Balanced News

The Bush-Saudi Connection

Keys to 9/11

The Spoils of War

The Nazification of America,

Phase 4

Weapons of Mass Destruction Doublethink

Top Ten Fallacies About Bioterrorism

The Disinformation Age

The Depleted Uranium

Double-Dealing Drug

The Bush Junta's Mandate

Police State USA?

We've Brought Tyrants Down Before

Completing the American


Exposing the Truth About the Criminal Bush Family

Recommended Articles
From Other Sources

Bush Junta Jihad Against Reporters:
  • Frank Rich
  • Maureen Dowd
  • Dan Froomkin

    CBS's Cowardice and Conflicts Behind Purge (Palast does it again)

    Programmer Claims Republican Congressman Tom Feeney Hired Him to Build a Vote Rigging Prototype

    White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software

    The 9/11 Commission Was a Ploy to Protect the Bush Junta from the People

    Kerry Actually Won
    the Election!

    Bush Junta Complicity in 9/11

    We Must Take Back
    the Media

  • The World Dominance Plot

    How Both Bushes Attacked Iraq

    U.S.-British Oil Imperialism


    Global Epidemic

    The Destruction of American

    Military Dictatorship USA?

    The High Cabal's Economic War Against the World

    The Criminal High Cabal

    What's Behind Bush's War
    with Iraq?

    The American World Empire

    War Crimes and War
    The Deregulation/Privatization Scam

    They're Killing Us

    Did the Government Okay
    the Anthrax Attacks?

    The Cost and Consequences
    of American Plutocracy

    Taking America Back From
    the Plutocrats

    Global Economic Exploitation

    Vulture Capitalism

    Books and Cartoons
    to Beat the Bushes

    Citizens Are Responsible
    for Understanding

    Social Issues

    The Wall Street

    The Global Water Crisis

    Southern California: Where Rivers Go to Die

    Freedom Requires Intelligence

    The California Recall Plot
    Oliver Stone's Radical Films
    Why You're Not Getting
    the News

    Join the World Populist

    Profiles in Courageous Dissent

    The Fabulous Revolution
    of Oz

    Watch On the Rhine as

    Casablanca As Allegory

    Blowback: Costs and
    Consequences of
    American Empire

    A Second Pearl Harbor?

    A Supine Press Fosters an
    Uninformed Citizenry

    Freedom in World History

    Freedom and the Internet

    A True Democratic
    Henry B. Gonzalez

    Review: Listen, Little Man by Wilhelm Reich

    Bush Brothers Used Democracy Mart

    Dictating Reality

    America Is a Banana Republic Not a Democratic Republic

    America 2005 Is Germany 1930

    An Open Letter to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show


    Featured Essays

    Overcoming the
    Present Dark Age

    Developing Social and
    Spiritual Awareness

    Taking Humor Seriously

    Plato's Contemporary Relevance

    Transformative Sanctuaries

    Translation in the Perennial Tradition

    Perennialist Meditations

    Realizing A New World

    The Poisoned Water

    Expanding Human Consciousness

    Vanquishing Ignorance

    The Triumph of Civilization

    The War of the Worlds

    Selected Essays

    Helen Keller As Mystic

    William Blake As Mystic

    Emily Dickinson As Mystic

    Esoteric Christianity

    Evolution's Next Step

    The Higher Mysteries

    Discovering the Spiritual Domain

    The New Language of Spiritual Inspiration

    Perennialist Art

    Higher Trance State, Part II

    Higher Trance State, Part I

    Social Intelligence

    The Many Faces of Healing

    A Meditation on Love
    The Greater Mystery

    Book Publishing and the Struggle for the American Mind

    Transformative Contemplation

    Ken Wilber's Flawed

    Notes On Language
    and Poetry

    Inspiration: Rebirth of

    Egomania: the
    Invisible Pandemic

    Plotinus's Practical Mysticism

    The Ivied Walls
    Come Tumbling Down

    Lewis Mumford's Green City

    Battling Computer Viruses

    Illuminated Manuscripts

    The Menace of America
    Online (AOL)

    AOL's Greed Destroys
    Netscape Navigator 6

    Clinical Psychology:
    Problems and Prospects

    Profiling and Personality

    Review: Harold Bloom's The Western Canon

    Colloquy:  The Caterpillar's

    Sticking It to the Ozone

    Technology and Learning



    The Hermetic Society Announces a New Revelation

    Beware Hidden Messages!

    School for Conjurers And


    Staying Up With Your TV   

    Alien Replicants Among Us

    How to Listen to Billy Collins

    The Greatest "Computer"

    Buy in the Universe!

    Operation Head Trip

    A Sure Cure For Illiteracy

    Esoteric Teaching of
    St. Groucho, a Modern Guru

    NEVER FAIL----Help Services

    Learn to SEE the
    Sound of Music

    Early Egyptian Art

    God Be Merciful to Me,
    a Re-Publican

    Saving It Up


    To Think!

    The Fertile Crescent

    While America Is Still Free



    Review: Undressing

    Billy Collins

    Flash Fiction

    The World Spider

    Dreaming of a Kitsch Christmas

    Accidental Wayfarers

    Funny Valentine

    Through with Love

    Culture Shock

    My Last Analyst

    The Shadow of Your Smile

    Dandelion Books

    A new book on the esoteric mystical tradition

    The Perennial Tradition available for order HERE

    (Click image for more information)

    A New Book on How We Must Take Back Our Country

    America, Awake! available
    for order HERE

    America Speaks Out: Collected Essays from Dissident Writers

    America Speaks Out available for order HERE

    The three books just above are published by Dandelion Books

    Soon to be published by Dandelion Books

    Critical Thinking
    Critical Consciousness

    Hermes Press

    Now with an exciting new Afterword

    How To Become A
    Modern Guru

    A satire on modern
    "Spiritual Masters"

    President of
    the World

    A metaphysical thriller


    2/2/04: Jeff Rense Interview on The Perennial Tradition
    Move the slider to 1:21:56

    4/19/03: Emerging Writers
    Forum Interview

    1/27/03: Jeff Rense Interview on America, Awake!

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    Knight Ridder Washington Bureau

    World Press Review Online


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